Areas Often Overlooked During End of Lease Cleaning in Burwood

Areas Often Overlooked During End of Lease Cleaning in Burwood


Ever wondered if your end-of-lease cleaning checklist covers every nook and cranny? As you prepare to bid farewell to your Burwood residence, there’s a crucial question to consider: Are you cleaning the spots that often escape your notice? Let’s begin a journey to unveil the hidden areas frequently overlooked during end-of-lease cleaning.

Hidden Spots That Go Unnoticed During End of Lease Cleaning in Burwood

Here you go!

Corners and Baseboards

Corners and baseboards often go unnoticed in the rush to clean larger surfaces. Dust and cobwebs accumulate in these concealed spaces. A meticulous wipe-down using a microfiber cloth ensures a polished finish, leaving no room for further inspection.

Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Overhead features like light fixtures and ceiling fans are notorious for collecting dust. A thorough dusting and, if necessary, a gentle wipe-down will improve air quality and contribute to the overall cleanliness of the property.

Behind Appliances

Kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator and oven often conceal forgotten spills and splatters. Pulling these appliances away from the wall for a thorough cleaning ensures no residues are left behind. Keeping his point in mind will help you leave a pristine kitchen space.

Interior Cabinets and Drawers

Tenants may focus on the exterior of cabinets and drawers but forget about the interiors. Wipe down these areas, checking for any forgotten items. This step contributes to cleanliness and ensures nothing gets left behind for the next occupant.

Window Tracks and Sills

While windows may receive attention, the tracks and sills stay commonly neglected. A vacuum followed by a damp cloth can eliminate accumulated dirt and grime. This attention to detail enhances the property’s overall presentation.

Wall Marks and Scuffs

Walls are prone to marks and scuffs, especially in high-traffic areas. A magic eraser or a gentle mixture of baking soda and water can effectively remove these blemishes, restoring the walls to their original condition. Addressing wall imperfections contributes significantly to the fresh and well-maintained appearance of the property.

Light Switches and Doorknobs

Light switches and doorknobs are frequently touched surfaces that can harbour germs and bacteria. Disinfecting these areas with a mild cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth removes dirt and reduces the risk of spreading illness. It helps you create a favourable impression on landlords or property managers.

Wrapping Up!

Though these tips can leave your place in top condition, tackling them all alone can really exhaust you. You may contact us and allow our professional cleaners to assist you here. For more details, leave a comment below!

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